We operate in the sectors of Reliable Cargo Delivery, Touristic Services, Construction & Real Estate Consulting and Textiles Production & Consulting

Starline Group

Since 2017, we have built up trust and goodwill in our customer base in the sectors of reliable cargo delivery, touristic services, construction & real estate consulting and textiles production & consulting and we are steadily heading towards our goals.

As Starline, our approach has always been one of forming company relations based on honesty and trust; and feeling the same degree of responsibility for our customers: aiming to do business that is consistent, faithful and steady and which holds the quality of service and customer satisfaction in the highest esteem.


As Starline, having high customer satisfaction and service quality is the most important element of our policy. We aim to nurture ethically-conscious and disciplined work habits in our personnel, whose dedicated and strategic efforts would provide our customers with the best possible service – no matter the sector.
Amongst our most important policies is benefitting the national economy through exports, increasing business volume and ensuring business continuity.

Starline Group of Companies